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We are excited to announce that David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic will be available as a Short very soon! This will make Dangerous Magic available as a Short, Full-Length ebook, paperback, paperback large print, and audio.  

If you are interested in the audio, a sample of it is below.  Feel free to click on it.  The narrator, Al Kessel, has the most amazing voice and creates different voices for the characters in the book.  He is incredible!  If anyone is interested in hiring him, you can reach him at:  STORYTELLER AUDO PRODUCTIONS



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We are working on the 4th book and have titled it, David Finkleman and Family Magical Secrets.  When Gramps goes in for surgery his replacement creates havoc for David and his family.  This turns out to be David's greatest challenge yet.  Book 4 will come out mid-2017.


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