PK Burian & ME Drewry


M.E. Drewry  is an elementary school and Special Education teacher.  She teaches in Anchorage, Alaska.  Prior to that she taught for 5 years in Washington State, but after taking pay cuts for 5 years and making less in 5 years than when she graduated college, she left for a state that treated their teachers better.  Mary has a husband and little girl, who was born two months early at 2.5 pounds, and both mother and baby almost died at during childbirth.  But her little girl is doing very well now and running around the house.  Her daughter LOVES books, which is good since her mother is a teacher and author, and her grandmother and aunt are author's too!  Mary loves baking and is creative and artistic at decorating cupcakes and cookies.  She is amazing at crocheting and knitting, making scarves, wash cloths, doilies, ponchos, socks, mittens, hats, and other items.  Mary is incredibly creative in her teaching, able to reach many children in different ways to learn how to read, write, and math. 

She is an avid reader, consuming books.  She loves fantasy, paranormal, romance, but reads the spectrum of genres.  Her goal is to someday get her master's degree in Speech Pathology.  Mary author's the David Finkleman Series and Katie & Candy books.

M. E. Drewry