PK Burian & ME Drewry


KP Azeltine is a drafter, graphic designer, and author.  She has a need to create and has the imagination for stories and graphics.  Katie has the ability to see the "big picture" when it comes to mysteries, and her creative mind lends to input on all the books available on this web site.  She designed the covers for Katie and Candy books, and all of the Mandala Coloring Books.  She has a good eye for color and is able to learn the Adobe illustration programs quickly.  She is working toward her certification in Graphic Design, but her instructor told her she didn't think she needed it since she was already working in the field.  Her instructor also told her she had never had a student who learned Photoshop and the Adobe programs as quickly as KP did. 

KP Azeltine likes to crochet and knit and creates beautiful scarves, blankets, wash cloths, and doilies.  She has sold her items in craft fairs around the area.  She is an amazing cook (when you can get her in the kitchen).  When she took a culinary class in school the instructor told her she had natural talent to be a chef.  She must have inherited it from her great-grandmother, who was a master candy maker. 

She has a special man in her life and hopes to marry him one day.  She has cat named Linx, who likes to try and help her type when she is working on her computer.  She writes the Jesse Skylock Holmes Series, and Katie & Candy Picture Books.  KP is the "Katie" in Katie & Candy and they are true stories about her life when she was a little girl living on a farm.

KP Azeltine