PK Burian & ME Drewry


Jake Before Transplant

These are the amazing men who saved Jake's life.  Dr. Michael Mulligan performed the lung transplant, and Dr. Mark Tonelli is his CF doctor at the University of Washington Medical Center.  These doctors are regarded as the best in the world in lung transplant and CF specialists.  Jake was very fortunate to have lived in Washington State and only an hour away from the Medical Center.  Jake was at the Medical Center so often with complications with his CF throughout the years that when he walked through the front door the people at the front desk greeted him by his first name!

     Jake was the fourth transplant Dr. Mulligan performed that day, and something like seven or eight in the last two or three days!  And yet the doctor still took the time afterwards (and it was almost midnight) to come and talk to all  family members (there were 13 of us).  He never rushed and answered all of our questions, and that was after working 3 days straight!  I have never been more impressed by a doctor than I was with Dr. Mulligan.  He is a number 1 class act!  And Dr. Tonelli saved Jake's life with his tough talk and never-give-up attitude. 

 Jake and his brother Darrick are two of the roughly 30,000 Americans who suffer from cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease that affects the lungs and digestive tract. Thick mucus builds up in the respiratory system and pancreas, damaging the lungs and often leading to life-threatening infections. 
     When Jake was 25 he was told by doctors that to live, he needed a double lung transplant within 18 months. Jake had reached a pivotal point in his fight. He had been in the ICU at the University of Washington Medical Center, his respiration dependent on machines. 
   His doctors determined that Jake was a good candidate for the transplant, and on June 13th, 2011, and only hours before he was being sent home to die, Jake received a compatible pair of lungs.  The bad news was that the transplant would cost over one million dollars, only about $350,000 of which was covered by insurance. 
     To save money for the operation, Jake and his wife Mary moved in with Jake's parents, and family members began fund raising. One of the ideas Jake's wife and mother in-law had, was to write an ebook to raise money.  And that's how David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic was created.  It was originally called Monster Night.  

     Doctors continue to be impressed by Jake's recovery, and his lung function is approaching the levels of someone who has never had cystic fibrosis.  He has gone on to have a baby daughter, working a full-time job which he loves, and living a happy normal life.  And much of it is due to the donor and his family.  That is why this book is dedicated to them.  The hospital never told Jake who they were because that was the choice of the family.  But a day doesn't go by that all of us thank them for the ultimate gift they gave.  I know when we cried tears of joy for Jake's successful operation we also were crying tears of sorrow for the donors family's loss.

Dr. Michael Mulliagan

Dr. Mark Tonelli 

Jake After Transplant

University of Washington Medical Center

Dedication for David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic