PK Burian & ME Drewry



         Ms. Diana J. Legun

 May 9, 2015

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KP Azeltine

Author, Graphic Designer, and CAD drafter.

The book wraps plenty of magic and imagination in the package. A fresh and fun book!

ME Drewry

Author & Elementary and Special Education Teacher.

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This is one sentence that explains what the book is about.

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Will be free to anyone who purchases any book from David Finkleman Series.  This book is taken from notes from 10 years of classes by Oscar nominated writer.

Thalia Sutton


Ms. Heather Eaton

September 2015

Takes me back to my favorite childhood adventure novels. Keeps you riveted to every page, every character is totally believable and will remind you of someone you know. For anyone interested in the paranormal and magic will LOVE IT! Just HAD to get it for my grandson's 12th birthday.


Our CEO.

People often wonder how mother and daughter's author teams can work together in the creative writing process. 


The key to working together in any relationship is mutual respect.  PK knows her daughters are loaded with creative talent.  ME and KP know their mother has years of experience, so together they are able to work together collaborating on young adult, middle-grade, study guides, and picture books.  PK admires her daughter's knowledge in education and refers to her for the study guides and many aspects of book related subjects.  She recognizes KP's graphic design abilities and works with her on the illustrations for their picture books and book covers for the picture books and coloring books.  If their is a disagreement, they compromise. 

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This is a series of events in your story that repeat and build until it seems as if your hero/heroine can’t overcome

PK Burian

Author, YA, MG, PB, Coloring, & Romance

Judy Bullard

Custom EBook Covers.